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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited has a strong corporate governance framework to support the company’s operating efficacy, sustainable growth, and market confidence. Its strict Corporate Governance Policy adheres to the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and internationally accepted corporate governance principles and best practices.

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Anti-Corruption Policy  

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited takes a firm stance against any acts of corruption in its business dealings at all levels. Thai Union Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Code of Conduct for Anti-Corruption details stringent guidelines to prevent and address corrupt activities.

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Business Ethics

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited has established a Code of Business Ethics that outlines for the Board of Directors, executives and employees standardized business ethics and best practices.

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Rules and Report on Interest

Objectives, In order for the Company to have information to comply with provisions concerning with the connected transactions, by which conflicts of interest may arise and result in a transfer of interest of the Company and the subsidiary.

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