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1. Who is Thai Union Group?
  • Founded in 1977, Thai Union Group PCL or TU is one of the world’s largest seafood companies.
  • TU owns a portfolio of leading brands across Asia, Europe, and North America and has a global sourcing, production, and distribution network.
  • TU’s key products are canned tuna and frozen shrimp, and manufactures products for external customers through its private label business.
  • With firm sustainability goals, TU has a long-term commitment to socio-economic development, conservation of natural resources, and ethical business conduct.

Please visit the “Annual Review” page for more information regarding core business.

Thai Union’s Strategy 2025 builds on our determination to provide healthy and tasty products to consumers, which consists of six elements to create long-term value: Growing the Core, Diversifying along our Value Chains, Exploring New Horizons, Future-proofing our Operations, Continuing our Sustainability Leadership, and Wellbeing and Capability of our Employees. This will help us drive business growth and sustain profitability and shift and future-proof our group portfolio.
Please visit the “Major Shareholder” page for shareholding structure information.
TU’s dividend policy is to pay not less than 50 percent of net profit each year.
Thai Union has a long-term commitment to “Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans”, with a focus on 4 programs under an integrated strategic plan of initiatives, SeaChange®, including Safe & Legal Labor, Responsible Sourcing, Responsible Operations, and People & Communities. Moreover, the company is one of the participants of the United Nations Global Compact and the co-founder of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) in 2015.

For more information and update, please visit the sustainability page Sustainability

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