Complaint Channel and Process

Lodging Complaints or Appeals or Making Suggestions

A whistleblower or an employee with a complaint may give the details, along with his or her name and address and a contact phone number (this information will be kept confidential and will have no effect on the employee) through one of the following channels:

  1. Tell a manager, supervisor or member of the Employee Relations (ER) team (as set and publicized by the Company)
  2. Put a written note in a suggestion box (16 locations in the factories)
  3. Call the 24-hours hotline 06-1417-2752
  4. The Speak Out system (accessible via website or Tel. 1800 013 080)
  5. HR People Connect system (accessible via website
Protection and Anonymity of Whistleblowers

Complaints and appeals are confidential. Telephone conversations are not recorded. The Company is concerned about the safety of, or any possible damage to, whistleblowers and anyone who cooperates in an investigation about a complaint.

Any whistleblowers or filers of complaints will have their rights protected and defended according to the law and the guidelines set by the Company.