Shareholders' Meeting Policy

The ordinary session of the annual shareholders’ meeting shall be held once a year within 4 months of the last day of the company’s annual accounting period. Other shareholders’ meetings are to be referred to as extraordinary sessions. The Board of Directors can call an extraordinary session at any time, or within a month after a request for such session is made by the shareholders, in accordance with the Public Limited Company Act. Shareholders can propose candidates for the position of directors, as well as topics to be included in the agenda and questions for the ordinary session. A notice shall be submitted electronically to the Stock Exchange of Thailand as well as shown on the company’s website to allow sufficient amount of time for the shareholders to propose issues to be included in the agenda prior to the meeting.

Meeting invitation shall include the meeting agenda and with details of the issues to be discussed at the meeting. A proxy voting appointment form is also included to allow shareholder to appoint one of the independent directors to vote for him or her. Such form must be submitted to the registrar at least 7 days in advance to the registrar.

The Board of Directors has the duty to make sure that the company provides shareholders the invitation letter in Thai and English version with the date, time, venue, and all agenda items with the rationale or explanation of each agenda item or resolution in the notice of the annual shareholder general meeting or circulars and/or the accompanying statement in advance of meetings including encourage the use of proxy forms on which shareholders are able to specify their votes and provide at least 2 independent directors to be the choice of their proxy.

At least two-thirds of the directors must be present at the shareholders’ meetings. It is mandatory for the Chairman, President, Managing Director, the highest-ranking executive responsible for financial matters, members of the audit committee, Chairman of sub-committee, and the auditors, to attend every meeting. The meeting’s chairperson must allow all shareholders equal opportunity to ask questions and provide recommendations to the directors, Chairman of sub-committee and the company’s executives.

The Board of Directors facilitated all shareholders, including institutional investors and encourage the company to use secure, fast, precise, and accurate technology in the shareholders meeting, including in recording attendee registration, printing ballots and processing voting results and to appoint an independent party of scrutineers/inspectors to count and/or validate votes at the shareholdings’ meeting. This scrutineers shall be disclosed at the meeting and recorded in the minutes.

The secretary is responsible for recording questions and issues raised by shareholders in the meeting minute include a description of the voting and vote tabulation procedures used, declaring both before the meeting proceeds, an opportunity for shareholders to ask questions or which must be submitted to the Stock Exchange of Thailand within 14 days of the meeting. The meeting minute must be publicized through the company’s website. Shareholders interested in obtaining video recording of the session can make a request to the company at a later date.